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Watch out for the 2012 Opel Zafira minivan this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The hottest new Spy shots 2012 version of the Opel Zafira minivan which comes for sale with the British’s Vauxhall brand for the coming year 2012 is to hit the shows this September at the Motor Show at Frankfurt before its sales that is to begin in Europe during the fall.

The conceptual form of the Zafira made its debut at the Geneva Salon in the month of March and is expected to be on the top of the Opel’s range of MPV model, the Meriva, on par with the  Grand C4 Picasso of Citroen and Ford’s C-Max.

From of the test model of Zafira that is slightly disclosed, its looks confirm its similarity with the concept model from Geneva. There are also some noticeable changes that are seen at the bumpers at the front and rear sides on the parts at the bottom of the car as well as the changes in the mirror’s shape. The kink on the window of the rear side is seen to have a reduced angle.

The styling at the interiors is seen to stick to the basics of the concept form which is quoted to have used less extravagant supplies and the Astra lineup is to provide the switch gear system. There are also some revisions expected in the seating system that is flexible, which is three-rowed currently. It is expected that the middle row is to be folded in a flat manner into the floor on demand.

Zafira is placed in power with the Astra and so is expected to sport the similar lineups when it comes to its engines that are turbo charged diesel units, gasoline and the turbo petrol with the capacities of 1.6 and 1.4 liters.

Fuel Efficiency is well guided by Opel’s start and stop system. There is a rumor of OPC that is known for its high performance which is quoted to be a four–cylinder well force-fed engine to be part of the standards in Zafira. Whatever the rumors are, we have to wait for September to know its details.

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