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VW opens up a new R&D center in California

European automakers seem to have developed a target to rule the automobile industry across the globe. As days pass by, we end up finding headlines with some or the other European carmaker to have set up or expanded a facility somewhere in the world. This time it’s Volkswagen.

The German car manufacturer has been reported to have opened an all-new 27 million USD, 64,000-square-foot research and development centre in Oxnard. The opening of the California-research facility is the latest step under the company’s planned 4-billion USD US growth strategy. The company has projected US-sales of 1 million units by 2018.

The company has baptized the facility with the name, Test Center California. The facility is to support Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Porsche and even Bugatti. However, the primary focus of the facility would be powertrain & system development, governmental compliance and field quality testing too. News of inclusions of few other services too are being reported to be coming in from the automaker’s side, including emissions test laboratory, parts analysis capabilities, vehicle workshop (with over 16 in-ground lifts and a dealer service) and training center.

VW opens up a new R&D center in California

Volkswagen Group of America’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel, David Geanacopoulos said, “The expansion of our global R&D footprint in the U.S. reinforces our ongoing commitment to this market and will help to position us as a high quality brand here and abroad.” He further added to his statement by quoting, “With a firm commitment to innovation and quality, teams like the one at the TCC will ensure we not only achieve our objectives, but exceed them.”

The new California-facility too will exhibit the perfection of Volkswagen-engineering like any other facility of the company in the world. The entire team is to include permanent staff of 50 engineers and technicians working at the core of the center, while annual conduction of tests would be carried by over 250 VW Group engineers.

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