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Volvo and its discontinuity of few car models

If a good sedan is what you want then you still have a few months left before the end of 2011 when Volvo stops rolling out of further S40 and V50 wagon vehicles. These two cars share the same platform and have been seeing sales dip in recent times.

Even after addition of added features and facilities, the sales did not increase in any significant bit. The officials from Volvo stated that although the V50 and S40 are very nice vehicles they must still concentrate more on their volume vehicles like S60, XC90, XC60, S80 and XC70.

Discontinuing these two models will not leave Volvo with any models to offer in the sports wagon section. The company will only be left with front wheel drive and all wheel drive crossover models, the company however has no plans to further shorten the offer list in terms of car models. The C30 hatchback and the C70 hardtop will still remain available in the market after the discontinuation of the above two models.

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