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Video made by GM Employees for LGBTQ Youth

After last September when bullying of a number of gay teenagers formed headlines news for many a news channels and dailies. A columnist by the name Dan Savage started the It Gets Better Project, here he maintained videos and many other similar files to make one fact known to all the individuals that “It Gets Better”, their life that is.

Employees at GM have now given their addition to this list of videos for the LGBTQ youths. In this effort workers and many employees from various GM units from all over the country have shared personal details and information so as to make an effort to let parents know that no matter what they must still be with their kids and support them when time demands.

This video has contact information for The Trevor Project and it aims to provide a 24hours helpline for anyone for any teen facing a crisis in life. Though these videos are not very over the top they still deliver honest and helpful experiences from many people who believe to the core that It Gets Better for sure.

These videos have been contributed from many people like President Barrack Obama, the Vice President Joe Bidden and even singer Jake Shears to name a few of the enormous list. Nissan’s stand against anti gay laws might be another catalyst for automobile firms to contribute videos and make their voice felt.

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