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US safety regulators to investigate police cars from Ford

US safety regulators has started the preliminary examination of the Crown Victoria police cars made by Ford after it received complaints about a serious defect that could lead to loss of steering control. The probe is being carried out on the cars that were made during 2005 to 2008 and could affect 195,000 vehicles, according to a document with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Agency received 3 complaints about the upper intermediate shaft separating from steering column in the Crown Victoria Police interceptors. It also received about 10 complaints that show shaft shifting away from steering column.

Ford has also already recalled about 5500 Ford Edge with 2-liter engines to repair defects in the fuel system that can cause fire. In both these cases no accident or injuries were reported.

US safety regulators to investigate police cars from Ford
In Edge recall, Ford says that the fuel line pulse damper metal hosting may crack due to improper manufacturing process and was not previously approved. In documents, Ford said that its supplier reported this issue to them in May that a second tier supplier used unapproved method for assembling metal housings.

This process made the component weaker and Ford engineers found that it may cause fuel leakage in the Edge SUVs and in August Ford initiated the recall.

The supplier of the metal fuel line pulse is Cooper Standard Automotive. The recall is effective for the vehicles built in Oakville Assembly Plant from September 2,2010 to October 31 2011.

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