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US Bullish for Diesel Cars

Diesel cars are gaining more and more craze every day, as we earlier reported about the landing of Chevy’s diesel Cruze in Chicago Auto Show recently.

Previously, it was meant to be for low working class but now the tables have turned and most prominent carmakers like Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet are arriving/ arrived with their diesel babies. As per Bosch Automotive, a supplier for automobiles in America had confirmed 22 new diesel powered light vehicles for US in this year. The new 22 will toil the total number of oil burner plates to 42 in the present year.

Adding more fuel to the topic, Andreas Sambel, Director for diesel marketing at Bosch expects the figures to reach at 54 in 2017, for oil jags.

US Bullish for Diesel Cars

Jeep’s announcement of diesel jarred Grand Cherokee and Mazda 6 sedan in the same puddle had lead a voir in country.

Diesel Cars in Usa

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