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Updated 2013 Honda CR-Z priced at $19,975

Honda revealed its updated version of CR-Z hybrid at the Paris Motor Show in its European variant with the promise of improved fuel economy and performance. Since then most of the car enthusiasts have been waiting to have a look at the specs for the car that will be making its way to the US market. Now, it looks as if Honda decided to give its Hatchback more power, better economy and a refreshed styling. With all these changes, Honda had still managed to keep the price below $20,000. The CR-Z will go on sale from this week at a price tag of about $19,975 for base model and about $21,655 for the CR-Z EX model. The 2012 model will be carrying a price tag of about $19,695, so Honda has managed to keep the price within the limits despite of the changes.

The biggest improvement to the CR-Z has been done to its drivetrain. The new CR-Z is equipped with new Lithium-ion battery pack in contrast to the Nickel metal Hydride (Ni-MH) system that was previously used in the CR-Z. The 2013 model produces about 15kW of output which helps in increasing the system output to about 130 horsepower and a torque of about 140 pound-feet. Despite the increase performance, the fuel economy has also witnessed a little hike. The vehicle delivers about 31 mpg in city and about 38 mpg on highway with the manual version and CVT version delivers about 36 mpg in city and 39 mpg on highways. Another tweaking to the drivetrain includes larger clutch and lesser final drive ratio. The drivers also have the advantage of Plus Sport System that can give the hybrid a extra acceleration boost under stated condition.

Updated 2013 Honda CR-Z priced at $19,975
The car has received a number of styling changes. Now, it has a fresher face with redesigned fascia and optional LED lights. It has also received two new colours, new set of wheels and a rear diffuser. Honda has also incorporated small changes to its new trim, door panels have been redesigned and standard features like rear view camera and Bluetooth has been added. The EX’s cabin also receives a new sportier black and red colour scheme.

It would be quite interesting to see, if these changes are able to uphold car’s declining changes.

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