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Toyota Celica based Ferrari F430 replica

Imitations of a real Ferrari are rare as compare to those of Pontiac Fiero, what you see is not a Lamborghini version of a Pontiac Fiero but a Toyota Celica that has been modified like Ferrari F430.

The customized car has a number of features that is similar to the Ferrari, the front headlights, the hood and the A-pillar look pretty similar to the F430. The rear of the car is not quite impressive a imitation as the front is, the side window treatment is awkward, slab sided pear flanks and the shape of the rear windscreen seem just about wrong.

Though you cannot make too many expectations from a front engine Japanese coupe transformed to look like the Italian heart winner, it just about is a good looking car. The interiors are edited Celica parts made to look like Ferrari interiors, The car has been priced at $45,000 which is extremely high priced for a car of this stature.

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One Response

  1. Wow. this car looks gr8. Actually for braggin rights…………………..i will go for this one. Price is very high however.

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