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Top 10 desirable cars of 2011

We have often come across cars which are gross or either very charming to look at. How may times have we wondered, if we could have just owned that car which is on display at the show room or just passed by us? If you did, then welcome to the club since you aren’t alone in this. Many of our staffers have also experienced this and this inspite of us being inundated with cars all the time. Well, then it was time to scratch our heads and check out the 10 most desirable cars. Well this thinking is restricted to only the 2011 models and so lots of thinking had to be done. Which car is good looking or which one isn’t. Finally we boiled down our choices to 10(its very hard to find a beautiful car nowadays) cars and here is what we cooked up. None of the cars featured here rank according to their beauty.

Kia Optima :

Well this could have being a controversial choice a few years back however as of now, the fact remains that the Optima is one of the best looking cars out here in North America. All the cars in the Korean company’s lineup have faced flak one time or the other. However with the 2011 Kia Optima, there is no such thing to be said. It simply is gorgeous. Wonder what Kia would do with the next generation Optima and hopefully no controversial styling elements are inculcated.

Aston Martin Rapide :

Aston Martin cars are known to be handsome enough but none as handsome as the Aston Martin Rapide. This car is one of the best combinations of beauty and pace. The flowing forms of the Rapide have made it a favorite on our list.

Audi R8 Spyder :

Well, this one was a unanimous one and everyone at office felt like this car should take the cake. Its gorgeous flowing lines coupled with that Audi goatee make it an instant hit with anyone for an eye for design.

Chevrolet Volt :

This electric wonder made everyone wonder as to how electric cars can be so desirable. Remember the Toyota Prius? Hybrid cars cannot be beautiful is something which the Chevy Volt defies. Its has got half boxy and half flowing lines. But somehow the overall effect is that of a handsome looking car.

BMW M3 :

The wild cousin of the BMW 3 series, the BMW M3 with all its body kit in place not only looks the part of Adonis but also plays the part of Michael Johnson effectively. Its twin Coronas signify

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the next generation styling elements that would be present for the entire BMW family. Wish the styling for the 7 series was a bit more palatable.

Lexus LFA :

The 2011 Lexus LFA model may seem a bit too generic like other sports cars however its kind of somewhat unique styling with the protruding side sills and all make it stand out amongst the crowds of GTRs and 911s. Check out the rear quarters of this car and you would be more than surprised at how a certain sports car can be designed. Let alone the fact that it is a Lexus.

Ferrari 458 Italia :

Now this scorcher from Ferrari differs from the others with its three silencer units and a split front nose. Automobile world has definitely thought of 2 tail pipes or even 4 but who would have thought of 3 units. Hidden away from the world’s sight are the scoops for the air intakes. A cherry red Ferrari is enough to make all the femme fatales to go weak in their knees.

Jaguar XKR convertible :

Well who would have thought a Jaguar would come in this list but then just like the Kia, this one finds its place in the list not on the power of its badge but by its desirability quotient. The nose is something which is shared between Aston Martin Rapide and also some of the Maserati models but then overall, this car is one hell of a drive both in its looks and performance.

Scion TC :

Well, this is really a surprise element however many found the elegant yet simple lines of this car very desirable. Even though this is a coupe, it doesn’t look like one and feels as if it can do with two more doors. The alloy wheel design of this car even signifies the same. The short stubby boot also is one hell of a desirable rump for a car.

Ford Focus hatchback :

Well the Ford Focus hatchback is one hell of a machine as was demonstrated by Ken Block however the very fact that many customers are attracted to it based on its desirability rather than performance is proof enough that this car should finds its place here in this list. The sedan version, even though looks good, lacks the finesse of the hatchback’s design.

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