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The World would contribute to the designing of the next Ford Mustang

According to the people at Ford, their iconic Mustang is not only a cult car in North America but also all over the world. Therefore they believe the company philosophy should be to design the car with inputs from around the globe.

Vice President of Ford Mr. Derrick Kuzak dropped a bom at the Geneva motor show 2011 when he said that the next edition of Ford Mustang will incorporate the styling proposed by the studios in Australia, Europe and other places. This is a deviation from the norm as designing the Mustang was strictly a US matter till now.

Derrick Kuzak said “It is a common process we [now] use on every vehicle. When we embark on a new product, particularly one that is all new, it involves all of the studios. Then J [Mays, Ford’s global design chief] and the design team pick the best of those themes.”

As an example he stated the Ford’s latest 2012 Ranger pick-up truck which followed a global design pattern. The Australian studio was responsible for designing the car, with inputs from the European counterpart.

It is to be seen when the next gen model of the Mustang hits the markets as Mr. Kuzack did not answer that. However it is speculated that the car should make its entry by 2014.

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