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The premiere of the trendy MI-ray roadster concept at the the Seoul Motor show

Korean ancillary of GM revealed the Mi-ray hybrid roadster concept at the Seoul Motor 2011. It was a tribute to Chevrolet which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the current year. The Mi-ray has an aggressive look. It was built on a futuristic approach suitable to Korean ways.  It was built by the GM Advanced Design Studio in Seoul. It pays reverence to the bow-tie brand’s heritage as a sports car manufacturer over the years.

The roadster utilizes styling inspiration from Chevrolet’s 1963 Monza SS and the 1962 Corvair Super Spyder models. It has also taken cue from aircrafts. Its aerodynamic fuselage reminds one of contemporary jet fighters. Certain features such as the scissor-doors, the distinct wheel-arches and the pointed bumper in front complement the dramatic look of the Mi-ray.

The bodywork on the car uses lightweight materials like fibers of carbon and carbon fiber resistant plastics. The turbine-shaped wheels which are about 20-inch in front and 21-inch on the rear have been built using aluminum-carbon fiber combination.

The interior is similar to a cockpit of an aircraft. It is divided in two adjoining areas by an elevated console at the centre. It consists of a blend of natural leather, brushed-aluminum, liquid metal surfaces and white fabric. The steering-wheel and start button at the central position have drawn inspiration from jet aircrafts. There is a facility to display information on the instrument panel using back projection.

The charming looks are matched by a high performance drivetrain design which Chevrolet dubbed as “mid-electric”. A turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine is fitted on the middle. It drives rear wheels on the rear. There are two front-mounted electric motors which each contribute 15kW power and send the fluid to the wheels in front. The electric motors are charged using a 1.6 kWh battery which is placed on the floor just behind the seats. The Mi-ray is 3.99 meter long. It is supplied with a regenerative braking system which makes start and stop competent. The Mi-ray can run on electric power supply in the city. Chevrolet has not yet disclosed the details pertaining to driving range.

This roadster model is capable of being switched from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive. Chevrolet has not publicized any figures describing its performance. But the basic fuel-economy ratings have been made public. The Mi-ray requires on an average upto 60 mpg US  i.e.3.92 lt per 100 km when driven in the city and about 63 mpg US i.e. 3.73 lt per 100km when taken on the highway.

GM has combined its propulsion technology and futurist design to bring out the Mi-ray. It indicates to the prospects of Chevrolets around the globe – communicative, youthful and engaging. As stated by the CEO of GM Korea.

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