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The performance oriented Holden Cruze SS

The SS badge for Holden owners has a different in Australia, the meaning is generally associated with the Commodore large car or the Torana SS. Basically the name signifies the all power symbol of Australia in similar fashion like the Fosters beer.

Now that a performance version of the Holden Cruze SS is in the making process, being a front wheel drive speculations exist that it will be a diverse change from all other cars with similar tag that were mostly rear wheel drive. Possibilities do exist that this performance version of the Cruze will use the same power as the Vauxhall or Opel Astra as the drivetrains are readily interchangeable.

Reports from the Holden Company say that they are examining all possible engines of the Astra and are really looking forward for a performance version of the car. This car would include electronic power steering and lowered suspension to make it a better performer. The reports also say that the company has not been able to develop suspension and steering from the Sri models.

Another possibility is a HSV model that uses the Opel Astra OPC’s 2.0liter twin scroll turbo four engine. The launch of the Holden Cruze SS is expected somewhere around late 2011 as it is the company’s plan to overtake competitors like Toyota Corolla and Mazda3. Right now it is at third place between Corolla and the Hyundai i30, deliveries for this car are slated to begin in April with a hatchback model following in October.

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