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The Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

The MuranoCC is a new convertible by the Nissan Company, it is a car that has gone out of the box to make its own statement. The car is very nice to look at and other than just looks it manages to

  • Develop interest
  • Make news
  • Expand the range of Nissan Company’s car models
  • Raise the bar for mid-sized crossovers

The MuranoCC is a crossover convertible with two doors, and is at the top of the list of the Nissan Company’s crossover models. The design for this car is either going to be appreciated by few or hated by others, what can be said that the car is nothing like the Photoshop impressions that were earlier released.

A lot of changes appear on the MuranoCC in the form of :

  • A windscreen redesign
  • A shaped back pillar, with similar dimensions as the hardtop counterpart
  • The Nissan Company has managed to retain the “J-Motion” belt line for this car which add a feeling of continuity while driving
  • Rear doors have been cut out and the front units brought to a scale of 7.9inches
  • Addition of metal means loss of rigidity for the vehicle, however the company has reinforced the body architecture to overcome this
  • The top is fully automatic, available in black or beige which covers on in nearly 25seconds can be used only when the car is parked

As for the engine and other technical specifications for the MuranoCC, the points worth noting are :

  • The car has a 3.6liter V6 engine that produces 265HP and 248lb-ft of torque
  • It also has a Xtronic CVT which coupled with the engine helps maneuver the all wheel drive CC with maximum ease
  • The acceleration is smooth and fast, helping this are the 20inch alloy wheels that have been applied to the car. Though smooth roads are preference, the car works well enough in rough roads as well
  • No compromises have to be made as far as sound quality is concerned in this car, the soft top or the lack of bullet proof glass don’t make a difference in this matter
  • There are no rear seat belt retainers which leads to unsophisticated flapping at high speeds, other than this the driving is pleasurable
  • The electronically assisted steering mechanism of the MuranoCC is feather-light and smooth, at the same time extremely sensitive and sharp

This was about the technical features, the interiors of this car have impressive matters to discuss as well :

  • The interiors for this car is comfortable for both the driver and the rider, glare is hardly an issue however the navigation system could have been provided with a hood to improve visibility during sunny trips
  • Soft touch materials like the $500 “Infinity grade” leather have been used for seats and door panels are available in Camel or Cashmere, interiors like these make the MuranoCC seems like a home on the coast
  • The front seats shoulders are relaxed and tapering to allow increased visibility for the passengers
  • The rear seats have been transformed the three seat setup to the conventional two seat convertible setup
  • Bose sound systems have been provided in the car, also with large and comfortable seats there is enough leg space
  • Despite being nice and everything, the front seats are the weak point for the interiors, in the place of integrated seat belts there is a strap that needs to be put on and off every time it is put to use
  • The reclining function of the driver’s seat is powered and automatic, the same function for the passengers is manual, so it now becomes the passengers discretion to utilize this feature or not
  • The MuranoCC despite being a nice car in terms of luxury and performance compromises in matters of luggage space, with not much space this car does not qualify as a travel car as much as it does for other purposes

The Nissan Company aims at the younger, “savvy” and adventurous audience for this car. With the MuranoCC the company is providing a crossover and convertible to attract more audience. With around 900 pre-orders and positive response the company has high hopes with this vehicle, priced at $46,390 this car is meant for the high income people.

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