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The New Skyactiv-G1.3 Engine from Mazda makes its premiere on the Demio in Japan

Mazda has come up with a new generation of power trains naming it as Skyactiv. It is to hit the roads soon with the debut of the facelifted Demio as the “Skyactiv-G 1.3″ direct-injection gasoline engine in Japan which is to be called as the Mazda2 in the international markets. Automotive Engineering Exposition is hosting the premiere of the engine at Tokyo of Japan.

The engine of the Skyactiv has a capacity of 1.3 liter and is to host the compression ratio of 14.0:1 that is very high on comparison with the current market situation. It is to deliver a horsepower of 84 and a torque of 112 Nm (82.6 lb-ft) at its peak with 4000 rotations per minute. The impressive fuel consumption ratings with the Demio is 3.33 lt/100 km as with the norms of Japanese.

The fuel consumption rating is recorded to be low due to the Mazda’s new i-stop system and the gear system that uses the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and the start/stop system that is improved is to drop the fuel consumption by a percentage of 8.

The automaker from Japan quoted that it has applied for more than 130 patents only over its engine, as it is to sport new technologies that include the multi-hole injectors which is increases the ability to control the fuel injection, better efficiency with the combustion chambers that is compact due to its longer strokes, aluminum alloy engine block that is highly rigid along with valve timing system which is dual sequential.

Mazda has promised the increase of fuel efficiency by 30 percent globally by 2015 with the usage of the Skyactiv technologies.

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