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The Jaguar XK8 in an Aston Martin DBS form

If the Jaguar XK8 is not spicy enough for you then you might consider giving it a bit of remodeling. This might include changing the look of this ride and making it seem like some other car, the discussion being about the Aston Martin DBS.

This information has been posted by an eBay seller at the website’s copy find, the car which looks like an Aston Martin DBS is based on a 1998 Jaguar XK8 and has been made available for sale at a price of $50,000 without any bids being offered.

It is not difficult to find models of the XK8 being available at a price of $8000, KBB suggest the retail value for the same model to be around $12,000. So why do you even need to go for this model when you can have a real Aston Martin 2002/2003 or the DB7 available for around $45,000. This according to sources from eBay again.

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  1. I can see lots of improvement in 2011 Jaguar XKR when compared to XKR X100. Don’t you agree with this? Of course since its a brand new car we are got to see that.
    John recently posted..Review of Jaguar XKR 2011

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