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The Hyundai Blue2 Concept

The Hyundai Company shows no signs of slowing down its efforts in making a hydrogen powered car, and this is very much evident by the unveiling of the new Blue2 concept car at the Seoul Motor Show. It serves the dual purpose of being Hyundai’s next generation sedan model and also a mammoth in the hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Quite the same way as other cars with fuel cell technology, this Hyundai car also has a hydrogen powered fuel cell stack that uses the gas to generate electricity which in turn powers an electric drive system. Maximum power provided by this engine is about 120HP and the company claims that it can also provide a decent fuel economy of 82mpg of hydrogen.

To enhance this fuel economy the Blue2 has been provided with aerodynamically shaped alloy wheels and low resistant tires. The body for this car is being described as that of a luxury sedan and has been packed with latest technologies like LED screen panels to enhance the looks.

The interiors of the Blue2 are pretty impressive as well, the car features a welcome system that automatically recognizes the driver and can control a self opening door. Side mirrors are replaced by a roof camera and side cameras. To maintain the temperature of the interiors, the car has been provided with an air ionizing system which makes sure that air is circulated throughout the cabin.

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