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Test drive around the world for Mercedes’ B-Class F-Cell to be cut short

Three Mercedes-Benz B-Class that belong to the F models started their journey from Germany for a test ride around the world that was scheduled for a period 125 days. The decision was made to test the technical capability and maturity of the cars that belong to the first of the fuel cell vehicles to be in production.

The trip was planned to drive the fuel cell cars around in countries that are 14 in number. They are Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Portugal, Russia and Sweden. The trip was to end at in June at Stuttgart in Germany.

As one of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell cars had an unfortunate crash though none were injured, the trip is no more as planned. The company spokes man announced that the trip could not be completed as before. About the No3 B-Class F-Cell, the company said that is looking forward in repairing it in its next destination and will consider replacing the damaged one with a standby car. So a delay or a short cut is most likely with these cars.

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