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Tesla Model X slated for an early 2014 entry

The future is here! And Tesla is bringing it to us. The Tesla Model S is right now the only functioning electric model on the roads. The Roadster, which recently based on a survey in accordance with Lotus Elise, lost its privileges since it hadn’t met the federal safety regulations. The sales and production of this all electric model has reached a grinding halt. Now the Tesla Model S was supposed to be out of the factory line charging itself on batteries, but Tesla’s continues delays have forced buyers to wait longer still. Same goes for Tesla’s newest brainchild, the Model X. Their latest creation was supposed to go for its grand unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year but missed it. Though the car makers are quite enthusiastic about delivering the car to its customers by early 2014, we remain doubtful of Tesla’s commitment to timing.

Tesla Model X slated for an early 2014 entry

Without further ado, we dive headlong into what is to be known later as the Tesla Model X.  If you have chanced upon the Tesla Model X design and specifications, you will perhaps get an all too familiar feel once you come across this one. Yes! At first look it might seem oddly the same, but we promise you that there is much more than what meets the eye.  The only noticeable difference that might catch your eyes is that it has elongated vertically from its Model S cousin. But other than that, much of it is the same, from the grilles, the headlights and taillights, to the car’s dashboard. The car makers haven’t tweaked about much in the interiors too. They have fancied the same 17 inch central touch screen along with the reconfigurable gauge cluster.

But with a little imploring you will find two striking differences between the S and the X. One being the inclusion of a third row of forward facing seats. And the second is what they are calling the falcon wing, instead of the conventional name gull wing. In the earlier model the third row of seats were rear facing and had to be accessed through the hatch. Now coming to the doors, there’s a reason for its naming, credited to its engineering. The car even with its ‘falcon wing’ can open its rear doors even in cramped parking lots, since the rear doors hinges above the window bending inwards while the doors go up and expanding once nearing the top. The car manufacturers advertise on the Model X being a family car but the gimmick of futuristic edgy rear doors doesn’t quite fit the bill. But this bit of oddity can be overlooked given the clever designing that has gone into making those falcon wings flap open.

Tesla Model X slated for an early 2014 entry

Now that we are acquainted with the Model X’s interior and exterior design and have an informed idea of the differences with the S model, we move onto the car’s specifications as we look under the hood.  The car ticks the same way as it does in a Model S since a lot of the components and the engineering feature in the Model S too. But there are many essential differences that set it apart from its predecessor. Mainly, the all wheel drive that has been provided to the X model, not existing in the S. The Tesla model S is engineered with a single electric motor that is rear mounted to drive the car on rear wheels whereas the X has an optional crossover-necessary all wheel drive.  This is a smart bit of mechanical provision since this allows the car to detect traction differences between the front and rear wheel axles and diverts power accordingly as necessary from one to the other. This sensitive engineering provides for a much smoother drive even on rocky roads. Another model, coming up alongside the Model X design is the similar Performance model, which has basically all the same features except it has some sport inclusions along with the all wheel drive. This model claims to be capable of picking up speeds of up to 60 mph in less than five seconds.

The X model comes with two battery options, one the 60 KWh pack and the optional 85 KWh pack.  The X model given its build and its indicated battery options does suggest that it would be a bit more bulky than its predecessor S.  S provides its customers with an optional 40 KWh battery option (which however only allows 160 miles of power) but this battery pack is unavailable in the X model, suggesting clearly that the power extraction in this one is far greater. Hence it can be derived that this model won’t be as fuel efficient as the X and would have a shorter driving range on a single charge. Also the apportioning of power due to the all wheel drive facility will subject the car to a decreased range.  The standard X 65KWh battery would provide a charge for a drive of 230 miles while the bulkier 80 KWh battery would be providing 300 miles on a single charge.

Tesla Model X slated for an early 2014 entry

Though the car manufacturers haven’t mentioned much about the specifications but it has listed its price. It is not the final pricing and is subject to change. Right now, including the $7500 tax credit the price comes around to $49000 for the Model X’s least expensive version. And of course, if someone was to go for the 80KWh package or the Performance version of the Model X the prices are expected to notch up by a few scales.

The car is pretty pricey but with the fuel efficiency of the car, as it runs on battery it may be the way of the future. Since fuel prices are always on the rise, and customers already vying for models as the Volkswagen Volt and the Nissan leaf, it’s not long when the trend changes to accommodate all electric models in to their mix to prevent long term losses due to cars running on petrol.

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