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Tesla Model S Will Witness Price Increase In The Near Future

Tesla Motors has announced that it might increase price of the Model S after doing certain modifications. But these modifications would not have an effect on existing orders or reservations.

According to the car manufacturer, the Tesla Model S will get a price augmentation but this doesn’t entail that future purchasers of the luxury electric vehicle, who have booked or reserved the car, will be affected.

In its official press release, the auto manufacturer stated, “There will be some ‘options package’ alterations as part of the value augmentation (meaning some things, which are presently considered standard equipment may turn part of an optional package going forward).”

Tesla Model S Will Witness Price Increase In The Near Future

“These modifications will not apply to anyone with a subsisting Model S reservation before the effective date of the cost augmentation who also configures their vehicle and settles their order within a fair, predefined time period.”

The fresh opening value of the Tesla Model S has not been declared thus far, but as a speedy cue, the luxury electric vehicle has been rolled out in the US market this summer and the whole production of the said car for this year has been sold up ever since earlier this year.

The existing value for the said vehicle is around 59,900 USD for the 60 kWh edition, whilst for the 85 kWh 10,000 USD will be added up to the base value.

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