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Shanghai Auto show is never short of new models

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Article by Subhajit Dey
As new models of automobiles make their grand showoff in the Shanghai Auto Show and female models make it all the more exciting. Although the concept of introduction of automobiles with women in their stylish outfits is not brand new, it is one concept that people would not let go forever and Shanghai auto show is no exception. As the Shanghai auto show is held from the April 21 to April 28, the show has been added with an extra touch of glamour with the beautiful ladies from the Far East.

2011 Shanghai Auto Show and the premieres

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Article by Subhajit Dey
China has a famous auto show in the form of Auto China which is alternatively held in Shanghai and Beijing every year. Most important factor is that many American, European and other worldwide brands make successful premieres at this Auto Show the same way as shows in cities like Geneva, Paris etc. In similar fashion many cars have been planned for launch at the show this year in spite of the fact that timings have overlapped with the New York Motor Show. Few of the cars that are scheduled to be launched this year are : The Audi Q3 baby SUV, this car is an answer to BMWX1. This crossover model is based on the VW Tiguan platform and production is scheduled to begin at Spain sometime during this [...]
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