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Nissan, Lotus and General Motors announce recall of their vehicles

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Article by Kaushik Chakraborty
If you happen to be an owner of the Nissan 370Z, Chevrolet Express, Infiniti G37 Coupe, Lotus Elise or the GMC Savana, then you might soon be required to make a trip to your dealership. This is because of the fact that most of these cars have been recalled recently by their manufacturers. The 2011 model of the Nissan 370Z as well as the 2011 and 2012 versions of Infiniti G37 Coupe have got faults in their power windows. Both of them have been provided with pinch protection, hence when the window is on its way up and feels that certain objects, which can be your finger or your arm, coming its way, then the window stops closing. The North American unit of Nissan in a statement of recalling the [...]

Spy shots are out on the loose for the European version of the Nissan’s New 2012 Sunny / Versa Sedan

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Article by Subhajit Dey
The prototype of the New 2012 Sunny / Versa Sedan, that was partly camouflaged, was caught on camera testing at Sierra Nevada in Spain New 2012 Sunny / Versa Sedan was recently released in USA and China is to hit Europe shortly. The right-hand drive prototype of Sunny model had its test license plates approved from Spain. The possible difference that was noted with the Versa version of North America and the Sunny version of China to the European version of the model from Nissan is the odd exhaust pipe that is protruding out to the corner of the bumper of the rear along with the new design of the lamps at the head and the tail. Nissan is yet to reveal its ideas of the availability of the sedan [...]

Ford Company sues Nissan over a TV Ad

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Article by Subhajit Dey
The Brazilian arm of the Ford Company has registered a lawsuit against Nissan Company’s local division on charges of airing an hard line and ridiculing TV commercial which they say is directed towards the Focus sub-compact. The TV ad points its fingers at the overpricing of the Focus model by the Ford Company. The commercial shows 2 men dressed as engineers of Ford and wearing accessories like gold rings and chains along with plenty of champagne and hot women dancing around in bikinis, basically it is more like a rap video showing their big and extravagant life. At the closing stages of this commercial the cost of Nissan’s Tiida sub-compact is announced and the fact that it is $ One Thousand [...]
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