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First look at the interiors of the Lancia Thema

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Article by Subhajit Dey
Even though the Lancia Thema is pretty similar to the Chrysler 300, the company still has released only one official picture of the car. Here you have a number of interior picture for viewing purposes and believe it these are similar again to the Chrysler 300. Apart from the Lancia logo everything inside the cockpit of the Thema is similar to the Chrysler 300. If you try and spot the differences between the two then apart from the specified point you are not going to find any striking difference for sure. The car has different leather upholstery but it shares the blue color instrument lighting tone with the analogue vehicle. It even has a similar clock, but with this tone and setup the Thema [...]

The New Lancia Thema

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Article by Subhajit Dey
After looking at this beauty of a car, it is at times hard to believe that this car has been made by machines. The new Lancia Thema looks stunning, more than what you have imagined a car to be like, and the best part is it has equal qualifications for its look as well as features. Lancia Thema is a Chrysler 300 based saloon which will be premiered at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1st. This car marks the fusion of two stalwarts Chrysler and Lancia, similar consolidation will be seen in more cars to come. The Thema combines all the best features of the two brands, the Chrysler and Lancia. The rear wheel drive has been added on the lines of Chrysler 300 and like any other Thema model this car will [...]
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