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Justin Bieber re-painted his Ferrari 458 Italia for the third time in this year

Ferrari, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
We had always remained curious in knowing the possessions of stars and their replacements. Now today, the Daily Mail had reported Justin Bieber of changing his Ferrari paint job for the third time in a one year, since it is being bought. The Ferrari 458 Italia of Justin Bieber was originally donning the white shade when it rolled out of the showroom. Custom blue brakes on the front as well as rear were seen to be complimenting it. Hence, we guess the Justin may found the blue color of brakes more attractive than the car, which finally he then decided to dwell the car in that same ‘matte ice blue’ paint coat. Not completed a year even, the Ferrari 458 Italia is now landed on the stars Calabasas, [...]

Ferrari FF blazed in flames in Poland

Latest News
Article by Raza Ahmed
Ferrari cars are flaming red, and this particular FF in Poland takes it quite literally. After China and German, this is the third incident of a Ferrari FF catching flame out of the blue. The incident took place on the A4 highway in Krakow, Poland on Sunday at half past seven. According to the driver, the fire blazed into the cockpit through the car pedals. Translating from the pictures, the fire started at or near the engine bay; however, the driver managed to make a quick slide out and is reported unharmed. Previously, the Ferrari 458 Italia was reported to have similar problems and the Italian sportscar marque was forced to recall the models. In December 2011, Ferrari recalled the Chinese [...]

Top Gear now airing with its second trailer

Latest News
Article by Subhajit Dey
Many have been eagerly waiting for the first episode of Top Gear’s new season to air on television, and now it’s almost time this wait comes to an end this Sunday. Last week the release of a teaser for this season’s show was very well received by viewers and more across the globe. Another teaser has now been launched just days before the official airing of the show. This is yet again another highlighter of the antics of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Many cars have been featured in this teaser, among those many cars you can see a McLaren MP4-12C, Ferrari 458 Italia, BMW 8-SeriesCoupe, Chevrolet Corvette of the early nineties and rally version of the Mini Countryman.

Ferrari 458 Italia gets a tune from the German after market specialist Graf Weckerle

Latest News
Article by Subhajit Dey
With the aftermarket specialists around at all places,  all cars get a tune for either its performance or its exteriors and no wonder all kinds of the ranges  are handled by them. There is no absolute clue of how the Ferrari 458 Italia is being tuned by the aftermarket specialist from the Graf Weckerle at Germany. The design company has come up with the alloy wheels which seem to be a head turner to any passerby no matter of the age. The specialty of the wheels from Graf Weckerle that are fitted with the Ferrari 458 Italia is that the 21 inches alloy wheels are assembled by hand with a huge number of 184 elements. The tune also consists of an exhaust system which is of sports type, stripes [...]

Ferrari 458 Italia, The Environmental Friendly Stallion

Latest News
Article by Subhajit Dey
Are you surprised to know that even the super car manufacturers are being concerned about the environment? If you are, then we can not help it. Italian giant Ferrari is known to be producers of great powerful engines like V-8 and V-12. And it is known to us that these powerful engines can not be blamed as eco- friendly even by the craziest person. But the scenario has changed as Italian giant Ferrari use this week’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show as a platform to start their new journey by launching Ferrari 458 Italia equipped with eco friendly High Emotion Low Emissions (HELE) technology. Eco friendly super powerful Ferrari 458 Italia is the lowest carbon emitter of its class. This path breaking HELE [...]
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