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BMW 5-series commercial is remade on the Shell Ferrari ad of 1997

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Article by Subhajit Dey
A spectacular commercial was shot by Shell and Ferrari way back in 1997 at the Mojave Desert in Southern California. The commercial has the Formula 1 car is fuelled by a Shell airplane. Now this commercial has been remade by the BMW USA this year in 2011 with a slight difference. The remade ad sports a 5-Series BMW hitting a straight empty road and is being followed by an airplane with its refueling hose let out for the car. Though the ad have the their concept matching until now, the commercial takes a new turn when the hose thrown to the car from the airplane for refilling the driver’s coffee cup is revealed. The hose is actually to energize the driver and not the BMW car. The commercial [...]

BMW confirms a Hybrid version of the 5-Series and a new 3 cylinder engine turbo engine for the 1-Series

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Article by Subhajit Dey
The rumors about the BMW Company’s future plans have been circulating for the past few months, the German Company has now disclosed the plans formally at a press conference in Munich. News is that the company will be launching the China market 5-Series at the Shanghai Auto Show next month. Company executives stated that this car will be the presentation of their energy efficient vehicle, the company claims that it will be their first model made by and for China. This version car will be a long version of the BMW 5-Series which is a plug in hybrid, it will carry the reputation and tag name of the BMW brand. Officials also confirmed launch of few other vehicles along with the car, cars that [...]
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