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2012 Volkswagen Tiguan test drive

First Drive, Volkswagen
Article by Lijo Mathai
Volkswagen aren’t known much for their off-roaders as they are known for their sedans and luxury cars, even performance cars such as the Lamborghini range. However there are some special soft roaders or crossovers from Volkswagen which can be called as eye catching. One amongst the parent company is the odd named Volkswagen Tiguan. Cut to this, we have the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan with us for a first drive experience and we are all game for it. It has a small history going for it as compared with the other cars in the Veedub stables. The nomadic Touareg SUV’s baby brother, the Tiguan found itself landing on the North American shores in 2008. The looks of this car belie its size. The front [...]

Volkswagen 2012 Tiguan Facelift

Latest News
Article by Subhajit Dey
The Volkswagen Company is releasing information about the new 2012 Tiguan SUV slowly and steadily. The photos and review that have arrived show the impressive styling of the car. The technical features that have been announced prove the car to be a powerful one, as can be expected from any car belonging to the Volkswagen brand name. The car belongs to the SUV segment so most of the SUV fans will be delighted to know that Volkswagen has added many new features to this car. Complete feature for this car is not known yet as the company has not disclosed all the details, few of the features include Three new engines including a more powerful 2.0liter TSI gasoline unit that produces around 210HP. The [...]
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