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Suzuki to stop selling cars in the US market

Suzuki has made it clear that it is getting out of the US car market. American subsidiary of the Suzuki Motors said that it will be filling for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization and will only focus on selling motorbikes, all-terrain vehicles and outboard engines for the motorboats. It also had made clear that the filling is not in any way related to the Japanese Suzuki.

In the recent years, Suzuki tries to combine the design of its popular motorcycles in its cars, like the popular Suzuki Kizashi mid-size sedan. But the marketing lacked the stronger back support and got ruined out from the competition from the stronger brands.

Suzuki has sold about 21,188 vehicle until now which is about 4.7% less than the previous year. The biggest seller was SX4 crossover that constituted for about two third of the total sale up to October. Company has not yet said anything about the fate of the dealers on the departure of the company from the American car market.

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