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Subaru all set to launch new model at New York Motor Show

The prestigious New York Auto Show is one the onslaught and all the major automobile manufacturers are gearing up to showcase their latest mean machines at the show. Amongst all these bigwigs, Subaru is also gearing up to showcase their latest model at the show and the hype circulating the car is already increasing as Subaru cars have always been acknowledged for the ergonomics they use and the design of the cars.

Subaru is bringing 2013 XV Crosstrek to the New York Auto Show next month and thus will mark the entry of the car in the US automobile market. The Crosstrek is said to be a crossover vehicle and has been made keeping the Subaru Impreza in mind. The car will be launched in two different models and both of them will be having all-drive systems. The ride height of Crosstrek is said to be 8.7 inches which in turn is much higher than what we usually see in other counterpart crossovers. Thus Subaru 2013 XV Crosstrek can totally go off course into the dirt and still not lose control of the car as the tires that come with the crossover vehicle are of the highest durability and give a perfect traction control which forbids the car to run off the track of lose control of the car.

Subaru all set to launch new model at New York Motor Show

The new Subaru 2013 XV Crosstrek is said to be powered by a 2L four-cylinder flat engine capable of churning out a power of 148 hp and an impressive maximum torque. The transmission system of the car is of two types. One of them is the five-speed manual transmission which is usually common in SUVs whereas the other one is a variable and continuous transmission system. The mileage that the car will be giving out has not been disclosed yet as Subaru wants to keep it undercover. But it is speculated that XV Crosstrek being a crossover vehicle would give a good mileage and the engine should be powerful enough to tackle rocky terrains and pathways. There will be two models of the Crosstrek which will be available in the market out of which one will be the basic model whereas the other one will be the premium model which would obviously be priced more.

Subaru all set to launch new model at New York Motor Show

The premium model of the car will be having many intricate features among which there will be Bluetooth connectivity feature along with audio connectivity on the steering wheel. There will be power windows along with door locks. The front seats of the car will be heated and there will be an automatic climate control with the car that will ensure that the temperature inside the cabin remains stable without being too hot or cold. The upholstery present inside the car is made up of premium leather and the finishing has been done in a lavish manner reflecting true craftsmanship on the part of the designing team of Subaru. The estimated price of the Subaru 2013 XV Crosstrek is speculated to be around $22,500 or Rs. 80 Lakh.

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