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Studies prove that Men are stressed out much more than women while stuck in traffic

TomTom, which is a satellite navigation company, has made a new research on men and women at traffic. The research is concluded with the reports stating that the stress levels with men is likely to be seven times higher than that of women when stuck up at traffic  that are very slow moving. The reports were made by the psychologists from Britain after observing a set of volunteers who had their saliva tested for levels of stress chemicals after experiencing traffic jams.

The reports have revealed that in women the stress chemical go by 8.67 times whereas in men it goes up by a whopping 60 percent at a slow moving traffic. This effect is quoted be unhealthy as it is said to pressurize the heart and thereby enabling dizziness and problems with breathing.  When the volunteers were questioned about the stress levels after their experience in traffic, it is shocking to know that 67 percent of the women did not feel any stress about the traffic experienced and 50 percent of the men reported that they were not in stress after a period of 20 minutes in traffic even though the results showed were topsy turvy.

The reports from the research indicate that 48 out of 100 commute by car everyday to work and the people who are constantly exposed to traffic are likely to experience stress related health problems which can have its effects while driving as to make it significantly dangerous.

The reason for the men getting more stress is explained by the psychologists with the phenomena of fight or flight which is characteristic of men but on a traffic situation men do not have any option but to get stressed where in the case of women, they tend to cope up with such kinds of situation by diverting their mood as to hum a tune along with the song on the radio which naturally relieves their pressure.

The trend with the British drivers who are caught up at traffic while away their time by listening to music which 77 percent of drivers do, singing has been a pass time for 23 percent, making phone calls has been a favorite pass time for 16 percent, eating and drinking is done by 20 percent of the people while the rest of three percent either put make up or shave.

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