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Strict Hands-Free laws being introduced by the State

Owing to the rise of accidents and mishaps in vehicles because of distraction through mobile phones and texting, State laws regarding public safety have now been toughened and are being monitored so as to reduce the accidents even more.

Earlier these laws in many states were vague or rather not too strict, this meant that violators were let off with maybe only a warning. The Governor of New York has now passed a bill that makes this system of law enforcement even stricter for offences like these.

The Oregon state has fixed these laws as well in accordance to a bill signed by their governor. This bill will take effect from 2012 and has many specifics about texting and hand held usage. The work for the police has however increased considerably since they have to be in the lookout always for casual offenders and issue tickets for usage of cellphones, which might even lead to arguments at times.

The Washington state has made this act of using cell phones without following proper rules a primary offense and the records of police in the state suggest that the number of tickets issues have increased five times since this type of offense was made a primary offense. These offenses don’t go on the driver’s personal records but are still recorded in an anonymous manner.

According to IIHS cellphone distraction accounts to quite a significant number of accidents and any hand held user is four times more prone to an accident as compared to the one not using it.

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