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Steven Tyler’s $1.1 million, 1,244 HP convertible

Bugatti launched the Veyron Grand Sports Vitesse at the Geneva Motor Show, and it was claimed to be the fastest production convertible on the planet. While we have no record of the top end of the Grand Sport Vitesse, another convertible is buckling up to seize the title of the quickest production convertible in the world.

Aerosmith lead vocalist, Steven Tyler is now the proud owner of the world’s fastest convertible. The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder introduced last year can pull from dead to 200mph in 15.9 seconds. That is eight seconds faster than a Bugatti Veyron! When the limited edition Spyder was being booked last year, Tyler was the only person to step forward and ask if he could have it with the roof chopped off.

Steven Tyler's $1.1 million, 1,244 HP convertible

“Steven came to us last year and asked if we could build his Venom GT as a roadster,” says John Hennessey. “We had to make a few structural changes to our integrated rollcage in order to be able to fit the removable top. This increased the weight of our vehicle by about 30 lbs to a curb weight of 2743 lbs (1244 kilograms). We decided to increase the Venom GTs power to 1244 bhp to maintain our 1 horsepower per 1 kilogram power to weight ratio.”

While Hennessey will built only 5 models of the Venom GT Spyder this year, Tyler’s is the only rightfully convertible. The car is practically built around an extended Lotus Exige chassis and houses a glorious 7.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine. All that horsepower comes at a delightful cost, and this drop-top model pegs $1.1 million.

After taking the prototype for a spin last year, Matt described the handcrafted car as, “the best way to die.”

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