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Steam Whistle goes eco-friendly with the vintage 1958 Chevy Apache

The words like “Electric Pickup” are sure to remind anyone of the Sangyong Action Phoenix SUT that is Sports-derived or probably the electric vehicles that are Chinese-built. Something that would never come across in anyone’s mind would be a Canada’s Steam Whistle Brewery that is a 1958 Chevy Apache of bright green color, unbelievably the wind power acts to recharge.

The car is no April fool’s Day joke even though it’s late April as the issue is serious. The usage of renewable resources and going green is seriously the need of the hour which is being converted into business by the Steam Whistle. The company is said to recycle every damn thing and works on supporting environmental issues which seems to be a sideline of the enterprise that brews beer.

Mike Kiraly, who is the Brewery manager, has come up with the latest idea to electrify the old truck and is never short of using it on a daily basis. He speaks of his brainchild as to imagine a ride on a vintage car that is too cool, on saving it from junking the metals, at the same time with no emissions from its tail pipe would be a blend of a craze for old along with conscience for better world.

An AC motor emitting a torque of 465 lb. ft. is being replaced for the V8 or inline-six engine that is an original piece of Apache. It is quoted to be twice higher than that of what a Tesla Roadster gives out, with the obvious fact that Apache is much more heavy. The resultant vehicle is eco-friendly and has the hottest looks as everyone desires in this modern world.

Steam Whistle’s has been on the run for a long time, so do check on its acquisitions that include the inspiration of Scooby Doo 1967 Ford Econoline Heavy Duty and 1949 International Stake truck. The awesome collection of vintage by Steam Whistle also serves as an environment boost as it cruises with the policy of go green.

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