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Spy shots of the prototype from Chevrolet Small Crossover on roads Europe are out

Spy shots of a new Chevrolet prototype has be out on the open as it was caught on the European roads. The prototype seems to be a taller version of the MPV that us compact and small, with the design of the SUV-esque that comes with over hangs that are short and fascia that is upright which seems to be a standard feature of the Chevy models that are released lately. The photograph of the prototype that was camouflaged was quoted to be smaller than the model offered in Europe named as the Orlando people mover.

It is suspected to be the new crossover model which is small from Chevrolet that is an extended version of the Gamma II platform from the General Motors. The new Chevy spark and the Aveo / Sonic have the same architecture and it is quoted to the basis for the Opel Corsa of the future and the SUV that is considered to be its sibling which is currently on the development phase.

With further looks into the concepts of Chevrolet in the recent past, it was not possible to match the prototype as with the size but something else that was found from an older study from Chevrolet.  It was the Groove that made its debut at the New York Auto show in 2007 along with the Beat as a small crossover model which was further then transformed as the Spark and the Trax.

The Groove never had an instance of production although the design was an inspiration for GM as it has come with similar models of the B or C-Segments which are now popular at the European countries.

As we wait on further information on the prototype of Chevrolet that was found on the roads of Europe, the photos of the prototype are online for further investigation.

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