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Spy shots of the 5 seater 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class minivan are out on the open

The images of the official design of the spanking new 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class were released not long before. The model sports five doors and is of the hatch back style. The concept certainly did impress people at the New York Auto Show as well as the Shanghai auto show. Spy Shots of the 2012 B-Class minivan from Mercedes-Benz is out on the open now. Similar features are expected with the A-Class as with the B-class though B class model is a much bigger version as they belong to the same family.

But the spy shots do not show any similarity as expected with the 2012 B-class minivan. The critics also have found it difficult to tell the difference between the current B class and the model for 2012 as the body and styling are the same as it is kept intact like its previous model. The difference that stands out with the new 2012 B-class minivan is that the new  model is slightly taller by inches to the existing model  with the front and the rear to be mostly influenced by the crop which is on the top for the SUVs and the Mercedes Benz models.

The interior space with the 2012 B class minivan has brought in a spacious effect as the passenger and the luggage space has been improved with the increase in the height. The Spy shots also reveal that the center console to be revamped with air vents that is newly shaped. The 2012 B class minivan from Mercedes Benz will be a five seater.

The drive system that is to be used by the next generation of the A-class and the B-class models is the front wheel drive system. The engines that are to be used with the next generation models of the Mercedes Benz are the gasoline and diesel engine of the same specified range that has a capacity of 2.0 liter with four cylinders of petrol units that has the technology of direct injection along with turbochargers. The fuel consumption is limited by the usage of the fuel saving technologies like the start/stop system and the transmission systems that are advanced so that it also helps in the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions from the models.

The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show at September is to serve as the host for the 2012 B – class minivan from Mercedes Benz and the sale of the models is to begin at Europe in 2012. There is news that Mercedes Benz is planning on releasing a new A-class model in U.S whereas there is no immediate news of the B-class in the United States from the automaker who is Stuttgart-based.

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