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Sounds of Pagani Huayra on the tracks posted on You Tube

All the car fans must be excited after a long wait to hear about the most awaited car of Pagani with all its hype, the all new Huayra which is the replacement model of the much appreciated Zonda. The Super car buff of You tube, Marchettino have come up with the recordings of the Huayra which would speak volumes than this post.

A video camera was fixed to the Huayra’s rear corner by Marchettino as the car was to make a ride on the Adria International Raceway that is found in Northern part of Italy on the Veneto region for a quick lap. The most awaited results does not seem satisfying as the sounds of the engine were not pleasing , but the factors of the low quality audio and video should be accounted along with the way it was fitted.

The new replacement of Paigani’s Zonda is the Pagani’s Huayra which sports the 6.0-liter V12 engine that is twin turbocharged and produces a horse power of 700 with the torque of 664 lb ft for its basic model and a horse power of 730 with a torque of 811 lb-ft for its sport version. The engine V12 on the Huayra is same as in the SL65 Black Series of the Mercedes. All the alterations with the turbos and the manifolds of the exhaust are handled by the AMG division of the firm in Germany.

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