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Six models of Toyota to be more expensive by $50 to $270 from May 2012

The most fuel efficient models, which sell like hot cake in the United States automobile market, will be getting a price rise of 0.3 per cent to 1.5 per cent, making it costlier by $50 to $270 on its six models. The variation in the increase will depend on the trim and model level of the vehicle where this new price will come in effect from the month of May 2012. This price bump may be happening because of a weak dollar, thus the increase in price may help Toyota make some profit through its imported vehicle. But this is not the case with the U.S. built Tacoma, Camry and other vehicles of Toyota. So may be the firm is just making an attempt to squeeze out just a little bit more profit it possibly could from its imported models by blaming the so called ‘market conditions’.

The 2012 Toyota Camry has six different models where it will be seeing an increase of $ 50 to $ 270 depending on its trim level, The 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid with its two models of gas and electric run technology will have its price hiked up in accordance to its trim level from $ 90 to $ 100. 2012 Toyota Prius v is also a hybrid model with three different variants where all of them will have an increase of $ 150 in their price tags. The 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid has six variants which has got a flat $ 175 hike on its current price. The 2012 Toyota Tacoma has many variants under its models which will have the maximum increase of $ 250 on its line-up. The latest 2013 Scion tC has two variants under its line-up which will see an increase of $ 150.

Six models of Toyota to be more expensive

As per an auto expert commented lately that they are expecting a record breaking month in terms of sales from many car manufacturers in March with Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen having a high volume of sales targets achieved in the automobile market of United States till date. The other companies like Ford, Honda, Chrysler and even Toyota will be having a very strong volume selling month ahead with some of the top unit sales happened ever since past couple of years. Hyundai on the other hand is all set to make a different approach to make more profits by not adding on to the current price of its models but reducing and gradually removing the discounts it offered on its cars. Hyundai had a 96.5 per cent rise in the price of its average transaction as compared to its sticker price of three years before where it was a steady 86 per cent. A difference of 10.5 per cent is something to notice.

But the price hike in the Hybrid models of Toyota will not matter much as that will be reimbursed in terms of the usage and cost which usually occur on the gasoline vehicles in a much higher rate. Toyota will still be selling the same volume, may be even more on the Hybrid side.

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