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Sandy may have blazed 17 plug-in hybrids

Can Hurricane Sandy be made responsible for the destruction of a Toyota Prius and 16 Fisker Karmas due to fire? There are few theories that suggest that somehow the salt water may have caused short circuit and had led to overheating of car’s batteries and leading them to catch fire.

Fisker spokesman Russell Datz said that they are not quite certain on what exactly happened, but they are thinking that being submerged in the 13 feet of saltwater may have caused this.

The Toyota spokeswoman, Cindy Knight was quite certain that the fire was caused by the saltwater that got into the system. Saltwater is highly conductive and if it comes into contact with something like an electrical battery then it is certain to cause short circuit that may have led to fire.

Sandy may have blazed 17 plug-in hybrids

Chemical scientist at Argone National Laboratory, Daniel Abraham has a more technical explanation to offer. Actually salt water broke into negative and positive ions that flow in the into the saline water act as conductor of electricity and could have short circuited the positive and negative terminal of the battery. This may have caused the fire.

However no one has still thought that the lithium present in the battery may have caused the fire. Lithium is combustible when comes in contact with water but the metals present in the battery are very well protected and can’t be the possible cause of any fire.

The investigation is still on that no official confirmation about the fire has appeared.

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