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Sales hampered for the Ford Mustang

The sales for the Ford Mustang have been dipping considerably, primarily because of the lack of a 3.5liter V6 engine. The lack in sales have given ground for increase in sales of a new Camaro and primary reason for this is the demand of a V6 on the Mustang’s engine.

The Ford F-150 and the Mustang have the same kind of engine but the former finds more buyers than the latter. In 2010, through a comparative study it as revealed that the company sold around half a million F-150 more than the Mustang. Recent reports suggest that Mazda will be pulling out of the Flat Rock, Michigan Plant, this isn’t too good a news for the Ford Company.

The Mustang is manufactured in the same plant along with the Mazda6, with Mazda backing out the company will make losses with the volume in the plant and the number of cars it needs to manufacture. Expert car analysts claim that the current rate of sales for the Mustang isn’t enough to support the maintenance of the Michigan Plant.

In the future the Mustang does not seem to have too good a day stored, as Chevrolet plans to launch a more fuel efficient V6 in 2012. Demand for the Mustang has risen sharply in the last year from 40% to a significant 51% now. The company does have plans for a new Mustang but the launch will not be taking place before 2014 along with Ford model’s 50th Anniversary.

The new Mustang will be world car according to the manufacturers and will not share production with any other car. Bottom-line is that no matter what, the Mustang being an American icon is here to stay and will not be gone so soon because of completion related problems.

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