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Saleen 351 declared with 700 horsepower

Saleen 351 Mustang is declared at the LA Auto Show. Steve Saleen made this declaration in a press meet.

The latest vehicle will boast 700 horsepower and 655 fb-lb of torc.

The innovative Mustang, which is going to be annunciated, will feature a striking list of specs and distinctive designs below the name Saleen 351 Mustang.

AI Wagner, Vice President of engineering, stated that the objective of the plan was to build up a notable vehicle in the market.

Saleen 351 declared with 700 horsepower
Saleen 351 Mustang, which will hit markets by 2014, boasts a 351 inch V8 engine. Together with Saleen 296 supercharger method, the car’s engine will generate 700 horsepower and 655 ft-lb of torc.

The wheels given to the new offering are the Saleen 5 spoke alloy wheels. In addition, the latest Saleen 351 Mustang will also boast the customary Red Butterfly Center Ram Air Induction structure.

Saleen Mustang’s initial vehicle got sold in 1984.

Steve Saleen was a race car driver. His racing career commenced in the year 1969 and till nineties his job ranging from Formula Super car to Indy car series.

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