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Rumor says VW Polo R WRC edition may get All-Wheel Drive

Volkswagen seems to be running ahead of schedule. By releasing Volkswagen Polo R WRC edition prior to the scheduled time, VW has rightly proven its worth. Expectations from the house Germans have increased after the new launch. People expect that the German carmaker will launch some more models to keep the excitement going on.

A rumor of an all-wheel drive version for Volkswagen Polo R WRC edition is doing the rounds in the industry. On asking Ulrich Hackenberg, R&D Head of VW, he said “There could be some customer interest, so I think four-wheel drive could be great for some countries”. He also added that presently there was no such plan for the AWD but he also stated that he would think over it.

We expect that WRC AWD will be based on the same PQ25 platform of Audi A1. The PQ25 platform is technically feasible and is presently rolling out the AWD version of A1 i.e. A1 Quattro. Taking technical aspects into consideration we can say that AWD for Volkswagen Polo R WRC is also possible.

Rumor says VW Polo R WRC edition may get All-Wheel Drive

Presently the technical details of the engine for AWD cannot be ruled out but the existing Polo R WRC edition sports a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol head mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. It yields a 220 bhp and 350 Nm of torque @ minimum 2,500 rpm which stays till 4,400 rpm. WRC Edition is heavier in weight and lower on CO2 emission. It swoops from 0-100 in 6.4 seconds and attains a top whack of 241 km/h.

It comes with a price tag of GBP 33,900, which is almost three times more than the regular Polo R. the WRC edition is limited to 2,500 units only and also poses as a competitor to Renault Clio RS 200.

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