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Reports by the Bureau of Transportation statistics showcase a decline on the borders crossings between Mexico, Canada and United States in the past decade

The Bureau of Transportation statistics that belongs to the department of transportation of the United States publishes a report based on a study conducted for tracking the number of people to cross borders from Canada and Mexico into USA in the first decade of the 21st century.

The statistical figures produced by the report states a drop of 37 periods during the period of 200 and 2009. The number of people who crossed borders in 2000 was close to the figures of 400 million which significantly dropped to 252 million in 2009 of which more the 75 percent were contributed by the people passing through the borders of Mexico. The crossing of border from Canada went down by 40 percent and 36 percent down on crossings from Mexico.

On examining the trends with the usage of different transportation modes by the people, it was reported that 77 percent of the people used personal vehicles to enter the borders of United States and 17 percent people came by foot.  It has recorded the historical decline of 41 percent reduction with the usage of personal vehicles during 2000 and 2009. It is supposed to the highest decline by any means of transport.

The records show case that people entering from Canada are to be interested in using their own vehicles to commute as it sports the figures of 84 percent with a least percentage of people which is 1% by foot. The  traffic caused by the pedestrians were around 22 percent on the Mexican borders in 2009 and 74.5 percentage of the people used the choice of their personal vehicles to cross into the United States.

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