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Renault to unleash 400 bhp Alpine soon

Ever since the first Alpine rolled out of the garage of Renault, the car has been considered as one of the best examples of a sports car burning out immense power with an incredible torque and pick-up. Rumours are that Renault is planning to unleash the latest successor of the devil on the road and adding to that, the hype is already circumnavigating around the French car-maker as the all new Alpine will be tuned up to pump out a maximum power of 400 bhp. The car will be launched on a massive scale in Monaco and the production rate is increasing every month as Renault plans to set records straight following the release of the new Alpine in the upcoming months.

But Renault has over the past few months remained secretive regarding the unveiling of the car as there are just one or two pictures of the car over the internet which went viral as soon as they hit the web.In 2013, Renault will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Alpine which made its way to the World Rally Championship in 1973. So the legacy of this car goes back to the 1970s and is considered as the epitome of performance. It all goes back to the year 1955 during the Golden era when Renault was busy making its mark in the mainstream market. This is the year when the design of the Alpine was made and since then, the car has been one of the most revered sports cars to hit the automobile market said to be one of the most prospective markets in the world at the moment. The car fell out to other cars in the year 1990 but before that, it left a benchmark for the company by winning the Le Mans 24-hour long race in the year 1978. Renault Alpine made an entry to the Le Mans in the year 1970. At that time, there was a bitter rivalry brewing between Gordini and Alpine.

Renault Alpine
Gordini was once again pushed into the market but this time with all new exteriors but the car still takes a beating to Alpine as it has been in the market for over 40 years and gives out one of the best performance ever by any sports car. The company has good déjà-vu about the present day and time, and this is the reason why it wants to unleash the new Renault Alpine capable of churning out a maximum power of 400 bhp. Alpine takes inspiration from Renault Megane sports car which weighs just 880 kg and has a 3.5 L V6 engine which makes it accelerate like a bat straight out of hell. Speculations have been doing the rounds that the new Alpine will be released in an altogether new platform that will bear some resemblance to the Megane concept sports car that incidentally is another masterpiece of Renault.

Thus, the launch of the new Alpine will skyrocket the name of Renault as ever.

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