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Recall on the cards for Ford F-150 pickups

It seems to be the season for recalls and now it is the turn of Detroit mongers to be prepared for it. The Blue Oval has announced that its plans to recall about 144,000 F-150 models from Northern America and also Canada. The reason behind the same is cited as accidental (no pun intended) opening of the airbags. This is due to a faulty circuit. Ford have openly said that there is a manufacturing defect due to which this popular selling pick up truck may have deployment of the airbags in even small events such as just cranking the engine. Infact one of the F-150 users had to jump out of his car, on his driveway when the airbags deployed. Early March is the time when Ford would issue mails or letters to F-150 owners to ask them to come to the Ford workshop and get their vehicles checked. As a goodwill, Ford would ensure that no charges are levied and the whole procedure would take about half the day. The defect was noticed in the vehicles manufactured from Ford’s Norfolk, Virginia, plant and especially during the first shift. However as a precaution, the company is ensuring that all the vehicles manufactured between 2005 and 2006 would be recalled

and checked. Officials at Ford, in the company’s support are saying that the “service needed” light flashed on the all the vehicles wherein which the incidents took place.

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