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Recall from Citroen for its C3 Picasso in UK due its unique problem of braking

The announcements of recall are to hit 20000 Citroen C3 Picasso models all over the United Kingdom for a strange reason. The reason quoted for the recall is due to the possibility of activating the brakes of the car by the passenger on the front seat by accidentally or intentionally pushing the foot into the foot wall. The recall was on high alert after a show at the BBC channel named Watchdog which featured the case on reports from a cleaning company that owned three C3 Picassos.

The manufacturing flaw that occurred in France at the right hand drive assembly of the model that was marketed in UK seems to be the reason behind the strange behavior exhibited by the car. Though the pedal brakes are made to function at the right, the mechanism has not been altered from the original design that is actually the left hand drive system. The BBC Watchdog explained that the brake lines are covered only by a felt piece that is not enough to with stand the pressure applied by the passenger at the left.

Mark Brown, a motor engineer expert who closely examined the cars quoted that the mechanical flaw is significant enough to bring mortal perils as to activate the brakes unknowingly by the passenger at the left which would result in confusion to the driver as well as the driver in the other vehicles behind the C3 Picasso.

The British program conducted tests with the cars that were available at the dealerships in UK and found that the same problem persisted.

Citroen on its response to the issue quoted that they were no reports of such a problem as before the Show Watchdog from the BBC channel, but it confirmed the recall and necessary action as to add a component to isolate the mechanism of braking from the passenger seat at the front, also added that the modification would be free of charge.

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