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Rare Maserati on Sale

During the year 2008, a station-wagon variant of the iconic Maserati Quattroporte was presented by Italy’s reviewed Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. This had a fastback-like silhouette and was named the Bellagio. This was one stylish Italian car and was even more special because of the fact that Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera created the car only on customer request.

Though no exact numbers are available for this car, it is however not too unsafe to assume the availability of this car. Owing to this what has been found is a surprise, a Maserati Bellagio for sale in the second hand car market by a dealer from Netherlands.

The particular model was built in 2008 and is of blue color, the car has travelled a meager 1,546kms. The price for this car has been quoted at $233,300 which actually is pretty normal considering the condition and the value this car might hold for its owner.

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