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QNX CAR 2 to Revolutionize Automotive Technology World

QNX Software Systems is reportedly working on CAR 2 which will revolutionize the automotive technology world.

QNX, a Unix-like real-time operating system, is essentially to a car what Windows OS is to a computer. In other words, QNX allows the software and hardware to exchange ones and zeros to produce what you see on the monitor.

The reported second-generation QNX operating system called QNX CAR 2 will include an HTML 5-based interface, which is expected revolutionize automotive infotainment systems.

QNX CAR 2 to Revolutionize Automotive Technology World
The HTML 5-based interface will enable the auto manufacturers to set up the fundamental functions of the infotainment systems, but it will also allow end-users to customize it as they see fit. Moreover, the introduction of HTML 5 will provide users with the option of more open-source applications, just like in case of an Android-based smartphone or tablet computer.

In addition, the usage of HTML 5 software will help lessen the gap between automotive electronics and consumer electronics, which currently have a seven to ten-year gap between product cycles. In modern days, laptop get operating system frequently but cars are running the same obsolete infotainment systems they used to run on in 2005.

QNX Software Systems expects CAR 2 to become operational sometime in 2013 or 2014.

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