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Predictions from Polk: Hyundai to top at sixth spot in US in 2011

When the automotive sales at the U.S. markets of a particular company is to go up by 8 percent then the automaker is sure that he is to top the lists that year. No wonder than 8 is a magical number in U.S as the Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Dodge have all done it before and this year Hyundai is the most chosen one.

The prediction on Hyundai was made by a market research named Polk. The steady evolution of the Hyundai along with its internal rival partner Kia is seen to produce cars that are world class in recent times. The looks of the car designed by them is pretty much adorable and priced reasonably and covered up well on the basis of quality which is the specification of any car buyer  in today’s world.

The Hyundai seems to be on the run as it is witnessing a better growth in the market more than any off shore based company that markets its vehicles in U.S. It tops the favorites over Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

The reports from the Polk firm projected the obstacle that the carmaker from South Korea experiences is the lack of a good pick up / ute on its range and also is deficient in its focus on the brand image. But even the above deficiencies, the company has made it all possible with the Accent that costs 12,445 in US dollars and Equus that costs around 58,900 in US dollars.

There is still more interesting things to watch out from our end on Hyundai’s future in the US markets as the automakers in US are up high on the game as the low cost for imports from China are no more on the cards. So watch out for more from Hyundai in the coming years.

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