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Petersen Automotive Museum Opens Vault to Public for the First Time

Breaking its historical records, the Petersen Automotive Museum is allowing the public to enjoy its famous vault, which houses more than half of the museum’s collection. Crammed into the depository are some means of transportations as an aged Jaguar XKSS previously possessed by well known Steve McQueen along with a VW’s Beetle, which was driven by Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan.

Other notable vehicles comprise a 1925 “Round Door” Rolls-Royce Phantom, a 1939 Bugatti presented to Iran’s Shah as a marriage gift and a Ferrari, which was given to Henry by Enzo.

Petersen Automotive Museum Opens Vault to Public for the First Time
Excited journeys will begin from January 6, after which the vault will once more accessible to depository’s employees and special clients.

The depository has turned renowned among ordinary museum-visitors, who have repeatedly demanded for journeys, but up till now it has been firmly off-limits, except to staff and guests.

The said depository, one of the biggest in the globe, was established by publishing behemoth Robert E. Petersen, whose stable of thirty-six monthly mags comprised Motor Trend, Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, in addition to Car Craft.

The resources comprise a compilation of vintage Southern California hot rods, a Popemobile, a Hot Wheels toy display and Presley’s 1971 De Tomaso Pantera.

The depository will be open for tours by Dec 15.

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