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Indian Drives – USA

Volkswagen Amarok Ultimate with Bi-Xenon Headlights and LED Accents Revealed

Latest News, Volkswagen
Article by Hamza Ansari
It remains a fact the pickup trucks are better known by Ford and other American carmakers; but when the sophisticated well suited-booted Germans immersed themselves in taking up the challenge the results come out in the form of a new Amarok Ultimate. The new Amarok with bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights can be the one with minimal changes, but it is for sure the vehicle was in the need of such enhancements to tackle the rising competition. Changes made to the Amarok in short can be termed as silver mirrors, tinted taillights and a chromed rollover bar in the bed. The truck also receives 19-inch Aragonit alloy wheels with 255/55 tyres and protective underbody cladding. On interiors, Amarok Ultimate comes with standard ParkPilot, including Rear Assist reversing camera, electric [...]

First Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Delivered To A California Customer

Hyundai, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles may be a rare sight, but the baby step is taken to flourish it in the mainstream. Kicked off the first delivery in the USA, the Hyundai delivered the first Tucson Fuel Cell CUV to Timothy Bush and his family from California. Tustin Hyundai’s Dealer Principal, John Patterson, proudly handed over the keys to Mr. Bush for being the first customer of the model plate. “My family is certainly excited to be doing their part in driving a zero-emission vehicle that benefits the environment, and at the same time, reduces our nation’s dependence on imported fuels,” said Mr. Bush. “What’s great about the Tucson CUV is that its day-to-day utility is virtually identical to the gasoline version, so we don’t have to compromise our lifestyle [...]

Mazda Reveals New 1.5 Skyactiv-D Diesel Engine for Mazda2

Latest News, Mazda
Article by Hamza Ansari
Diesel astride everyone, and Mazda making no exception announced the upcoming all-new Mazda2 (known as Demio in Japan) to feature the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, a newly developed 1.5-liter clean diesel engine. Based on the SKYACTIV-D 2.2 clean diesel engine, the smaller displacement of 1.5-liter was developed to power enough torque equal to that of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and linear acceleration all the way up the RPM range. It is registered under the Euro6 norms, and possesses Variable turbine geometry turbocharger with rotation sensor that successfully delivers plentiful boost pressure from low through to high engine speeds along with a good fuel-economy. An in-build water-cooled intercooler improves acceleration response and turbocharger efficiency. The engineers at the backend attained the lower [...]

Average Vehicle Age in US is 11.4 Years: Report

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Though US had some of the huge scrap yards, but it doesn’t mean that most the American are going to dump their old vehicles for a new one. However, the recession and slowly churning economy can be held responsible held for it with due to the people sticking to their old cars for years. The IHS Automotive report claims the aforesaid specifications in numeric details. The average age of light vehicles on United States roads remained flat at 11.4 years said the report as per the data on January 1st, 2014. Presently, a record 252.7 million light vehicles are currently in operation, which is a 2 percent increase against the data measured on January 1st, 2013. All of the aforesaid numbers clearly indicates the same trend is been followed since the last year, with no great changes seen. Continuing [...]

Electric SUV and BMW 3-series rival next for Tesla: Report

BMW, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Tesla had nothing happening in its repertoire to deliver the audience, which now the company’s chief realizes too. Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla had confirmed that company is sprucing its lineup with two new models, where one will be the Model X SUV, arriving next year in international markets, and the other one will be a BMW 3-series rival. The source indicated the SUV may have gullwing doors. Coming to the BMW 3-Series rival, it is said to arrive in market by early 2017. According to Musk, “it will be 20 percent smaller” than the current Model S. Recently remained in the hype for buying the Lotus Esprit submarine model featured in the James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ laid some points on building a one like that too. “It’s a low priority project but we can create [...]
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