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Indian Drives – USA

Audi Launches Giant LED Scoreboard In Brooklyn To Celebrate Soccer Victories

Audi, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Soccer fever had grimed US more than the baseball. To name some of the exciting factoids, Audi USA had created a giant LED scoreboard using the headlights of 28 Audi A8 flagship sedans. Each of the sedans is positioned inside the 45 shipping containers that stand at over 40 feet tall. The whole scoreboard sits on the shores of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The scoreboard is intended to bring the excitement of world-class soccer to NYC with a revolving digital scoreboard that projects the day’s soccer results. It is so huge one can view it from miles away and from an air plane as well. “Audi is proud to bring the passion of international soccer to the shores of Manhattan with a fun, eye-catching LED installation. As the U.S. appetite for international soccer grows, Audi will continue to bring fans [...]

Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider On Its Way

Latest News
Article by admin
Before the Ferrari 458’s turbocharged replacement arrives, the Italian automaker is expected to have one last naturally aspirated version to sell. Already there’s the 458 Speciale, nonetheless like the so-called standard 458 Italia, a drop top is now in order. If reports are to be believed, a Ferrari 458 Special Spider is on the agenda. The company sources confirmed this new, and the launch date has not been revealed yet. Just like the coupe, the new Ferrari 458 Spider Speciale will feature an aerodynamic body kit, which includes aggressive rear skirts, redesigned side skirts and a new front bumper. One of the unique features on the supercar will be the Side Slip Angle Control system with the Brembo braking system. It will be riding on the 20-inch forged wheels, wrapped in Michelin Pilot [...]

New Ford Edge Revealed

Ford, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Battle of crossover and the big SUVs had reached the Ford’s desk and on a very serious note they revealed the new 2015 Edge. Having tasted success in markets like North America, Russia and Asia (especially China), Ford laid plans to bring in the similar aurora to the Europe and UK. Confronting on the technicalities, it’s the 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine in two states of tunes – 177bhp or 207bhp and 295 lb/ft or 332lb/ft, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox with all-wheel drive standard. However, on the petrol side it will be the award-winning EcoBoost petrol engines in the guise of 2.0-litre and 2.7-litre V6 and a standard V6 motor. Second-generation Edge is slotted as an upscale utility vehicle which will be locking its horns with the Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60. On the cosmetic [...]

New York Testing Its First Horseless e-Carriage

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Horse carriages are day-by-day becoming a hassle for the major cities. Once known to be heritage-type assortment to tour the city’s most classical lanes and streets, but due to the social activists and some other elements the horse carriages were banned on the streets of New York in the recent past. Wait…it doesn’t mean the tourist can skip Apple City the city tour in a carriage. NYCLASS animal activist organization had laid out a solution to it, and that’s modernized too. The organization had invested approximately $500,000 to create an electric carriage, probably to be called as eCarriage for replacing the classic solution of taking a smelly tour around the city The Creative Workshop, a restoration and coach-building business in Florida, has been commissioned to create a viable solution [...]

GTA Spano from Need for Speed movie burns near Valencia: Watch Video

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
‘Need for Speed’ is specked to have went enough temperament in our hearts we tend to get on it again and again every time it appears. However, the next time when one will watch it, probably after reading this post, will not have that same experience is used to have before. The yellow GTA Spano used in the Need for Speed movie burst into flames the other day in Spain. The car caught fire on the A3 highway in Spain about 10 km away from Valencia and near GTA Motor’s factory where the Spano is assembled. As the video portrays, the fire seemed to have erupted from the back, which is actually the house of engine. It then spawned over the whole and turned it into a metal wreck that cannot be repaired again. One of the Need for Speed movie stars, the 2013 GTA Spano is powered by a supercharged [...]
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