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Owl survives even after remaining trapped inside Ford’s grille for days

An American woman was very surprised to see that a Great Horned Owl managed to survive even after remaining stuck in her running Ford Explorer’s grille for several hours.

The woman was driving from Yeehaw Junction to Plantation, Florida, when felt that something had stuck under the hood of her Ford car. She thought that it would be some big bird that would have died.

But, when she examined the grille of her car on the next day, she was surprised to find that it was a living Great Horned Owl that had stuck in the grille. Her surprise knew no limits when she found that the poor bid managed to survive, even as the car traveled around 140 miles.

Woman finds live owl trapped inside grille of her Ford
She then sought the help of the Florida Department of Wildlife and Game officials, who eventually rescued the owl.

The wildlife offices said that it was really surprising that the owl managed to survive the blunt-force trauma with the leading end of a full-size and body-on-frame Expedition. What was even worse was that it was apparently stuck inside the car for days.

“I was driving around 60 mph (miles per hour), and it was never active,” the driver stated. “I guessed, ‘Oh my God, I hit a bird,’ and felt so awful.”

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